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Welcome to “Coaches Corner”, here our coaches will post their coaching tips, swimming technique descriptions, videos, parent education information and lots more! 

Sleep is the most important and the easiest component of the athlete recovery process.  People are “crazy” about what type of food, drink, massage… etc they need to help to perform well. 

So, I can guarantee… all those components helps, but 8 good hours of quality sleep, can change the game!!!  Have a look at this article 'Want to be mentally tougher this season ?  Sleep more'.

Our swimmer's arms the most important “equipment” to perform their great achievements - and they use them in training a lot.

Off course we cannot forget all the other “elements” like: legs, core, body position… etc.  However, the shoulder always has been the major injuries issues.

Here you have some good tips how to prevent shoulder injury.  Enjoy!


I am on my Christmas break!  But once you are coach you always are alert, and this article is unmissable, it is connected to my most important coach philosophy, "You race what you train".

It is good finish 2018 with this article!  Happy New 2019 to everybody !!!


It is great hear from someone who produced a good number of Olympic Champions, that the journey is the foundation and achievement pillar.  In this video, as a Hall of Fame Coach, five-time ASCA Coach of the Year and a three-time member of the U.S. Olympic Team, Bob Bowman knows a thing or two about what it truly means to be a champion.  As the renowned coach of Michael Phelps' entire swimming career, hear how coaches are able to identify the unique talents of aspiring athletes.


To be a parent of a swimmer sometimes make us a “swimming expert”.  However between parents rules and coaches rules are so many attributions that can make parents very busy without try to be a parent coach. 

This article brings “10 things that parents can and cannot control” on their lovely swimmers.  I hope you enjoy this topic!!!


During your training is important that you have everything in place to keep your focus and maximise the training benefits - technical tips, correct equipment, following the program with right intensity and commitment, and so on.

However, one element is paramount, your hydration!!!  Swimmers can lose more than 1 litre of fluids during one hour of swimming training.  To perform well, you need to train well - to train well, you need to “be well”: Rested and Hydrated!!!  Have a look at this great article on hydration for swimmers.


At the beginning of our season, this 'My Magic Sports Kit' is a great video for parents, coaches and sports providers to share.

It is a good reminder that children are out there to enjoy sport, have fun and make friends.

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