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Group 4

Group 4 entails a significant increase in both volume and intensity of training.  Swimmers are ineligible to join Group 4 until after they have reached their 12th birthday. 

The emphasis in this squad changes from stroke development to performance.  Swimmers in this squad are expected to have a very high attendance at training.  In this squad swimmers are expected to attend galas regularly, with particular emphasis on provincial, national and, in time, international meets.

Group 4 train six times a week and also comprises land training sessions.

Swimmers should bring a mesh bag, pull buoy, snorkel, hand paddle, a pair of swimming fins and a water bottle to every session.

Aims of Group 4

The aims of Group 4 are to:

  • Achieve honours at provincial, national and International level
  • Attend at 6 training session per week
  • Cover between 3.5 - 5.0 km per session
  • Train within competitive coaching framework
  • Attend available competitions
  • Look for long distance swimming events
  • Keep a log of training and competition performance
  • Set goals to match expected competition performance with training performance
  • Responsibility for training equipment
  • Acquire a mesh bag, pull buoy, fins, hand paddle and swim snorkel
  • Work towards assistant swimming teaching award
  • Progress towards Regional and National squad entry criteria based on qualification times.
Group 4 Performance Focus
  • High performance group
  • High competitive focus to training and performance in competition
  • Swim 20 x 100m F/C on 1m20s
  • Swim 20 x 100m I.M. on 1m45s with correct turns
  • Swim 1500m F/C with bilateral breathing and correct tumble turns
  • Swim T30 time trial with continuous swimming
  • Swim 200m Fly in competition in the current competition year
  • Have swum 400m F/C in competition in the current competition year
  • Have swum 400m I.M. in competition in the current competition year
  • Achieve Connacht and National Squads qualifying times in their Age Groups in 2 different strokes.

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